Join us at the

4th Annual Island Fire Football Association (IFFA)

Spring Soccer Festival

April 27th and 28th at the University of Victoria

In order to support our new professional soccer team in Victoria, the last game of the tournament will finish by 2pm to allow for all kids and parents to attend the inaugural game of Pacific FC at 4pm!


  • IFFA is committed to making our festival an enjoyable experience for all that participate. The tournament is geared towards Development/Academy teams with a focus on creating meaningful games with among like-minded competition.
  • Both boys and girls teams
  • Age groups include:
    • u9 (2011 born) and u10 (2010 born) – playing  6v6
    • u11 (2009 born), u12 (2008 born) and u13 (2007 born) – playing 8v8
    • u14 (2006 born), u15 (2005 born), u16 (2004 born) and u17 (2003 born) – playing 11v11
    • Finals for u13 and older age groups
    • Depending on registrations, some ages / levels may be combined to form groups as needed.


All visiting teams guaranteed at least four (4) games.


For registration to this event, please click here.

Registration closes on April 15th.


Final schedule: IFFA 4th Annual Spring Soccer Festival (Apr 27 and 28) – SCHEDULE (FINAL).

Location and fields

  • The tournament will occur in Victoria, BC – click on the link to learn a little about why we love it here and why you will as well.
  • Games will take place at the University of Victoria on three full-sized artificial turf fields.
  • The civic address for UVic is 3800 Finnerty Rd, Victoria, BC
  • To see the layout of the fields select this pdf —> IFFA tournament fields April 2019
  • For a google map link to the location, please click here.


  • Sanctioned by BC Soccer.


  • All games start on the hour. It is integral that teams kickoff on time.  Refs are asked to call captains 5 mins before kickoff;
  • For small-sided games, refs will not be using linesman;
  • Game lengths:  6v6 (2 x 20 minute halves); 8v8 (2 x 25 minute halves); 11v11 (2 x 35 minute halves);
  • Game rules: Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA) rules for small sided games.  We will be using a retreat line to give teams a brief chance to play out of the back.  There are no offsides for 6v6, except for BLATANT cherry-picking, and coaches are asked to remind these young players not to hang out near the other teams’ goal.  Offsides for 8v8 will be at the retreat line.  11v11 games are FIFA rules, no retreat line, and offsides at the half;
  • “Home” team is the left-hand team listed in the schedule.  Home team is responsible for providing the game ball.  Game balls are size 4 for all matches, except for 9v9 and 11v11 (size 5);
  • 5 minute half-times for all games;
  • Unlimited subs on the fly (play does not need to be stopped) for small-sided games up to 2008-born (inclusive). For 2007-born and older, unlimited subs are allowed at the refs discretion during stopped play.
  • Points/Scoring for playoff games:
    • 3 points for a win
    • 1 point for a tie
    • 0 points for a loss
    • 1 point per goal scored (maximum of 3 per game)

    Maximum number of attainable points per game is 6.

    • Tie-Breaking Formula
      • Most wins
      • Head to Head
      • Goal difference
      • Goals for
      • Goals against
      • Lottery


  • $250 for 6v6 play, $300 for 8v8 play and $400 for 11v11 play.


  • There are numerous food facilities on campus and many restaurants and grocery stores within a 2-5 minute drive of the fields.
  • Downtown Victoria, with world-class dining, is 10-15 minutes away.
  • There will be a concession adjacent to Fields 2B and 2A plus other food services available on campus.
  • UVic will have a number of food facilities open.

About IFFA

  • IFFA is a non-profit, volunteer-powered, grass-roots soccer initiative based in Victoria, BC, consisting of approximately 300 members. Our program is designed to supplement the existing regular season club structure and operates under the CSA/BC Soccer’s Long Term Player Development model.
  • Our purpose is to provide affordable soccer training and other activities to promote physical literacy and athleticism, technical and tactical development, self-confidence, leadership, and community for youth.