As a non-profit Society with a 100% volunteer staff, we run a bit differently than other academies.

Member fees

All of our member fees go directly into acquiring quality opportunities for our players, which includes renting the best fields, purchasing high-quality equipment and providing our athletes with numerous opportunities to grow as a person and as a player.

No coach or administrative staff are paid for their time, which allows us to keep our fees very low and our kids very happy.

Even with our low, low fees, we have been able to surprise our members with training jackets (2017) and soccer backpacks (2018) at no charge. Those “giveaway” days have 1000 watt smiles everywhere.

Our facilities

The University of Victoria is our home! We rent the best fields in Victoria, quality grass in the warmest months and turf otherwise. In the colder seasons we also rent indoor space in the new CARSA building to play futsal with authentic futsal balls and nets. 

Did you know that after intermurals Island Fire rents more field time than anyone else at UVic?

Associate Members of BC Soccer

We are Associate Members of BC Soccer and as such we are permitted to play both other Associate Members (typically academies such as EPIC, World Cup, Whitecaps) and Full Members (such as Bays United FC, Lakehill FC, Gorge FC, Sannich Fusion FC, etc.). We also are able to host our own coaching education and tournaments.


Our head coaches all have the level of coaching required by BC Soccer and Canadian Soccer to be able to lead their development group competently, with several coaches having Provincial or National-level certification.

Just as importantly (some would say more importantly), all of our coaches love kids! We are kid-people! As a result, our coaches know how to interact with our players in a positive manner, creating a mutual respect between coaches and players resulting in a quality training environment.

Consistent training groups

Our age cohorts are generally kept together over the years, deepening friendships among players and families – building community. On the field, familiarity among players and common training allows for higher levels of play.

Our super-fantastic annual tournament

Now in our fourth year, we hold a youth tournament that brings teams from the interior, Vancouver and all over the Island to UVic. This weekend is always a blast for the kids. All teams are welcome.