Island Fire Football Association (IFFA) is non-profit Society registered in the Province of BC. 

As a non-profit, all of our membership fees are directed to providing enhanced training and playing opportunities to our members.

IFFA has over 30 coaches and assistant coaches to ensure a high coach to player ratio to provide an improved learning environment. All head coaches meet the requirements mandated by BC Soccer for working with youth soccer players.

We place a large emphasis on community – we feel developing our community is as important as developing the players. We want to foster life-long friendships among the players as well as among the families.

Since IFFA is a BC-based Society, it is bound by a strict set of rules and regulations which is overseen by its Board of Directors (BoD known to members).

Annual General Meetings occur yearly and time, location and agenda are communicated to members more than 2 weeks prior in accordance with BC Societies’ Act. The BoD meets monthly and our treasurer is a Chartered Professional Accountant.